Activate your summer wardrobe with our “Amethystos” corset. Transparent violet lace embroidered with geometric shapes, hearts, and florals, gives your style an elegant feel. (Literally touch it and it’s feels so satisfying.)

A deep plum cotton lining to compliment the color way. Our eco-friendly boning choice supports your shape while sustaining the quality of your garment and our environment over time. 

The crystal drop-style beading made the perfect enhancement. 

Add a sweet lilac ribbon for the lace up back design and voila! “Amethystos” is ready to be worn and adorn! Yes! We ARE SIZE INCLUSIVE! WE WELCOME ALL SIZES. Please email us if you need additional attentiveness to your garment.


How to care:


Cold wash.

Hang dry. 

Lightly steam press on the lining side. 

USD $ 75.00